Busy time at Boiler Bee

It’s been a busy few months at Boiler Bee. There’s been the usual array of breakdowns and repairs needed for my regular customer, for whom I always make time; but as well as them I’ve been extending my portfolio by becoming trained on mobile coffee machines so that I can install, service and repair said machines and keep the mobile vans selling coffee (other drinks are available) to the general public.

It’s become evident that there is a great shortage of qualified gas safe engineers able to complete work on mobile coffee vans. Without boring you with the detail, the law states that any gas appliance must only be worked on by someone who is trained and competent. Any machine, such as a gas powered coffee machine, with a gas element is therefore a gas appliance and requires a gas engineer with the appropriate qualifications which are CMC and Comcat2. These are the qualifications I am seeking to obtain.

The governing body, UKLPG has issued codes of practice to allow engineers to interpret the British Standards and comply with the gas laws.

This qualification will allow me to service and maintain coffee machines as pictured above.

With the increase in street trade and mobile food vendors it’s a growing market that needs skilled people.

Once again, Derek and I look forward to being of service to the wider business community in the very near future 🐝

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