How to kick-start a real green deal – Interest free is the key to rebooting the government scheme

Climate change minister Greg Barker has dismissed the green deal’s teething problems. However laudable its aims, it’s hard not to conclude that the government’s flagship energy efficiency programme – the green deal – has become something of a shambles. Years … Continue reading

Eco measures increase the value of your home – It’s Official

The Sunday Times reports today that Eco improvements to your home increases the value of it up,to £16,000. This will be confirmed by a report due to be issued by the government tomorrow (17th June 2013). However, it admits that … Continue reading

Green Deal gets closer

Macoun employees braved the foul weather and travelled across the Pennines to a breakfast meeting in Settle North Yorkshire. The briefing was presented by Russell Smith of Parity Project who specialise in retrofitting energy home improvement solutions to ageing housing … Continue reading