How to kick-start a real green deal – Interest free is the key to rebooting the government scheme

Climate change minister Greg Barker has dismissed the green deal’s teething problems.

However laudable its aims, it’s hard not to conclude that the government’s flagship energy efficiency programme – the green deal – has become something of a shambles.

Years in the planning, it promised householders long-term loans to upgrade hard-to-treat homes, with the repayments being more than covered by the property’s lower energy bills.

A fine idea, you might think, but five months into the hugely expensive programme, not a single household has had the energy efficiency measures installed, and details of the repayments passed on to the energy supplier.

Data shows that 38,259 assessments have been carried out, resulting in just 245 plans being put in place – an embarrassingly low number that tells you everything you need to know.

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