How we do magnetic filters

Tricky little job today for Derek. Like a lot of kitchen located combis there isn’t much space below the boiler to fit a jug sized magnetic filter and so at this house in North Shields it seemed possible to fit it in a cupboard next the the pipework boxing.

There was already an access hatch so all the was needed was to drain the system, cut into the pipes and connect the filter – simple!

The first job of draining went well and so Derek started cutting into the 22mm copper pipes. There wasn’t much room but since he’s only the size of a bee, he managed to get it done.

The next stage was to accurately mark out where the pipes would go and cut the holes and adjust the side of the kitchen cabinet to allow the pipework to come through. With that done the pipework could all be connected up and pressure tested before filling the system. Again this was tricky job as it required assembling the pipework in a specific order as it couldn’t be adjusted or tightened in situ.

The job turned out to be really neat and we then proceeded to flush the system to clear out all of the years of debris running round the rads. The boxing cover was replaced and hides away all of the pipes. The filter is a mini Worcester Bosch unit which is very well made and sits neatly behind the cupboard door.

Another great bit of team work with Derek🐝

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