A plasterer is NOT a heating engineer’s best friend (sometimes)

…and so the saga of boiler flues continues.

It’s every good heating engineers job to inspect flues. Sometimes this means getting your step ladders out with your torch in hand, inspecting what’s hidden in the loft.

Sometimes flues are more accessible but can also be at fault. Today’s job was just to service a Main water heater which is a relatively simple task. However, on inspection of the flue I found that the plasterers had left some of their product where it shouldn’t be.

You can see from these photos that the render is severely restricting the air flow into the boiler which would be making it run unsafely.

So I set about the job of vacuuming out the debris as I chipped it off with a long screw driver. I then tidied up the inlet radius to make sure anymore debris wouldn’t find it’s way into the boiler.

Now that it’s cement free it should give years of excellent service!

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