Worcester Bosch update

I was delighted to be invited to the Worcester Bosch IMG_6630product briefing this morning. Worcester have always been one of the companies leading the way in developing high quality heating products and after they launched the new 8000 and 2000 series it was an excellent opportunity to learn about the new features they have designed into their domestic boiler range.

On show this morning was the all new Worcester Bosch 8000 “Style” boiler. This is a really advanced boiler which has been designed to help the customer manage their heating in a very user friendly, interactive way. On the front of the boiler is a colour screen with a very simple menu system which allows the customer to check on a multitude of parameter allowing them to maximise efficiency and minimise the maintenance cost. For example, the boiler has an auto filling mechanism which can be programmed to top up the boiler if any system pressure is lost. It also advises the customer of it doing so thus giving the customer time to book an engineer Bee3-cleaner.gifto have the boiler serviced.

The 2000 boiler is a new boiler to the market with all of the trademark robust features of the bigger siblings. This boiler comes in at the entry level and so is very competitively priced to compete with the likes of Baxi and Alpha. It has some great features like a built in wireless room stat controller which offers “load compensation” thus making it compliant with the new Boiler Plus legistation. The boiler is light and small making it easy to fit and has plenty of room inside to allow for easy maintenance with out slicing your knuckles off!!

More information can be found at Worcester’s website at:- https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/products/boilers/lifestyle




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