How we do flues

We were called out one evening last week to help get a boiler working and found that the flue had not been correctly installed and was dangerous. We explained the risks to the client and placed a Warning Notice on the appliance to determine the boiler as Unsafe*.

*(If the flue had come undone it would have filled the garage with flue gases which would then have been taken in by the boiler and this would have created carbon monoxide, this would then have killed everyone in the house.)

We came back the next day to make the flue secure and as you can see from the enclosed photograph there was some structural work to be done to secure the flue in place. The two brackets round the flue pipe were not there in the past meaning that the flue was happly to swing and sway around as it wished.

The flue is now perfectly secure and ready to take all the flue gases the boiler can throw at it. PS. We fixed the fault too, which was a failed expansion vessel and low water pressure.


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