Condemned LPG boiler

Derek and I were called to ask if we could give a price to replace a 30KW LPG system boiler. We were curious as to why the whole boiler needed replacing and asked what the problems were. We were told that the boiler kept loosing pressure and an engineer had taken a look at it and said it had multiple leaks and would be better to replace it rather than start fixing it.

We went out to look and found a deflated expansion vessel which accounted for the loosing pressure. We also found that the pressure relief pipe work had not been configured correctly.

The pressure relief pipes should be connected to a tundish.

As well as the problems with pipework the hot water expansion vessel was poorly attached to the wall, full of water and in danger of falling off the wall and causing a flood.

This will need to be fixed too. Finally the Vaillant EcoTec is prone for degrading its hydraulic pipes inside the boiler and so we recommended that these are replaced.

We were contracted to repair the boiler and set about refitting the expansion vessel onto a solid backing.

The next task was to inspect and clean out the cold water pressure reducing valve as this can effect cold water flow and pressure. The cold water is isolated and the valve drained so that it can be opened up for inspection, it needed only a light clean.

Once the cold water system is sorted we moved onto the internals of the boiler. Once the hydraulic pipes were removed we could see the amount of debris inside the pipes.

The pipes are replaced with newly developed pipes by Vaillant which have done away with the rubber hoses which degrade inside. The final stage is to inspect the combustion chamber and clean out any debris, as per the rest of the boiler, this wasn’t in great condition either. It was cleaned out and a new burned seal installed once it was clean.

The boiler was reassembled and repressurised with cold water. The boiler was set to chimney sweep mode to commission the new parts and new parts and ensure there are no leaks. The new pressure relief pipework was also tested. We also secured the pipework with proper clips onto ply board glued to the plasterboard wall.

The boiler now works perfectly.

Our client, Sean, commented on Checkatrade (

Repair of boiler plus additional work

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