STOP PRESS – More shoddy workmanship*

This is what’s known as a “latent defect”, it’s poor workmanship* that’s not discovered for months or sometimes years after it’s been fitted and the company who fitted it has long since gone out of business.

In this case the rear of the shower head has not been correctly or effectively built into the structure of the wall to hold in place forever. It’s a common short cut which most customers won’t notice or question until the heavy rain effect shower head pulls itself off the wall.

Derek and I cut the back off the plasterboard in the adjoining room to allow us to put some proper structure in place to support it.

The opening around the cut out was make so the plasterboard could be screwed back in and then redecorated. The shower head is now fully secured where it should bee 🐝.

* or workwomanship

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