Viessmann boiler is ahead of the game

Derek and I have just fitted the most up to date and high tech boiler to a property in Gosforth. The Viessmann 200W came with weather compensation and connection to Viessmann’s own internet control app, ViCare.

IMG_5729Unlike Hive and Nest, the ViCare allows you to look at the boiler configuration as well as setting start and stop times and temperatures. It also allows you to see how the temperature has fluctuated throughout the day and week.

The boiler we took out was a solid Worcester 24 Cdi from around 1997 which had given good service but was leaking from the heat exchanger and could require money spent on it. The clients also wanted the boiler moved to the garage which was going to be converted into a utility room leaving space in the kitchen for units and worktops.

2018-12-14 14.39.41Fitting a new boiler in a new location allowed the new boiler to be fitted in parallel with the old boiler thereby not interrupting the heating system too much. The design of the installation included setting the new boiler pipework back from the normal vertical plane of the boiler to allow a washing machine to be fitted under the boiler and allow it to be pushed right to the back wall. In line with the current building regulations the walls in the garage had to be insulated to this done before hanging the boiler. Services were T’d off so that the systems could be extended in the future and the magnetic filter was placed in the under sink cabinet to allow easy access when servicing.

2018-12-15 13.25.42The pipes were then insulated and covered over with the plasterboard hatch to give a flat back to the space.

The flue was extended by almost 3m to take it to the 2018-12-15 13.25.28front of the garage and through the brickwork above the garage door.

The final stage of the process was to disconnect and remove the old boiler making good the old connections and flue penetration. This was completed and the boiler handed over to the customer for them to get to terms with the extensive functions available on the 200W. The photos below show the process of making good the old flue penetrations:-



Viessmann boilers have won accolades from Which? testers for many years and now consider themselves as the most reliable boilers in the UK. When installed by an Approved Viessmann engineer (us) they carry a 10 year warranty*

* subject to conditions

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