SNOW! better time to check your heating system

2018-02-28 07.38.30Thankfully the snow has gone for the moment. It was a very busy time for us with calls every hour asking for help. We were able to answer many of them and were happy to give people advice on how to get their boilers working again. One local customer even left us a kind review on Checkatrade for helping him out.

“Very kindly offered advice which overcame boiler failure meaning a visit was not necessary, without charge.”

New Picture (50)

Now that temperatures are above freezing its an ideal time to review your systems and plan in a little bit of preventative maintenance to save the discomfort and worry next time the Beast comes from the East. 

Having a heating system that doesn’t effectively heat your house is worse than useless!

New Picture (51)We can review your heating system and make improvements such as refiting or rerouting your condensate pipework so that it doesn’t freeze, we can review your radiator outputs and look at the amount of sludge there is in your system to give your boiler a fighting chance of circulating some real heat on colder days; and we can install Smart Controls that learn when you want your heating on and take account of the external weather conditions.

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