Derek’s Diary – “House Warmer” not that warm!!

Derek’s been out and about buzzing around looking to help folks in this cold weather. We were contacted by one young man who had just moved into a new house with a young family, in Tyneside, but had no heating or hot water. It turned out that the “Thorn-Myson House Warmer 30/45” wasn’t doing its job and so we set about fixing it.

This is a dear old lady who ceased production in 1988 so we are looking at a 30 year old boiler.

The first problem as a blown capacitor in the wiring centre, this was easily replaced. 2017-12-13 22.01.50The picture opposite shows the capacitor exploding as voltage is sent across it.

Then the pilot light didn’t work so this was also replaced. Finally it began to work but the circulation pump had sheared off, so that had to be replaced. The pump hadn’t been supported very well so we added some supports and new valves and now it works perfectly! It just goes to show that with a little TLC you can bring an old dear back to life.

2017-12-09 09.04.31Our client, Paul, commented – An excellent job on an old, dated boiler and heating system which had not been maintained prior to me purchasing the property and had several issues. Richard was open and clear with expectations of potential issues and cost and endeavoured to sort it as quickly as possible, including coming out at weekends and evenings. I cannot fault the service provided at all.

We were delighted to has been able to assist Smile

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