Derek’s diary – Boilers and Gas Cookers

We don’t just fix boilers, but you probably know that!

Bee3 cleanerThis week Derek has been busy fixing a lot of boilers, replacing pumps, finding leaks and getting gas ovens to work.

2017-11-23 12.44.24In one job the gas oven’s automatic sparker would start all by itself and just keep sparking, this was driving the customer mad!!

We found out that the flame was lifting off the burner because the burner was dirty and so we sent Derek into the hot oven to give it a good clean; after that it worked great.

2017-11-23 12.49.00

Bee3 cleanerIt just goes to show that cleaning your oven is important and can say you the cost of calling out a gas engineer to clean it for you.

On another day Derek found himself in a loft with a few wasps and the odd bat! While he was up the, at the property in North Shields, he replaced the gravity feed central heating pump on an old Apollo boiler which was installed about 30 years ago.

2017-11-21 10.33.17Unfortunately just as we replaced the main pump the thermocouple went as well so we replaced that too.


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