Shower Installation and Nest

We don’t just do boiler and heating system repairs, we are also, everyday, carrying out general plumbing tasks such as changing radiators, fitting new valves, fitting shower valves and tray and fitting advanced controls such as Nest and MiGenie.

2017-01-13 13.10.58At a recent job in Alnwick we fitted an exposed ‘period’ thermostatic mixer valve and riser to the wall already tiled over a corner bath. A key consideration is getting the shower at the right height for the clients and making sure the valve is level and evenly spaced in relation to the tiles. This may seen like common sense but it’s not always easy to do when considering the timber framework behind the wall.2017-01-13 13.10.41







As mentioned we are regularly working with internet based controllers such as Nest, MiGenie and Hive. Recently we de-installed a Hive system in order to install a three zone Nest system.

The Nest system was configured to allow for heating control of two zones within the house and a further control of the unvented hot water cylinder.

2017-01-30 11.02.45

The picture shows the Nest Heat Link receiving devices which in this case is a Nest Gen 3 and a Nest Gen 2. The Gen 3 device runs one zone and the hot water with the Gen 2 Nest just running one zone.

NestAs a mater of fact the Nest system can manage up to 20 zones within your home so if you have multiple under floor heating rooms, a hot tub or a man cave, Nest can assist with the management of these heat sources.

For more information of Nest please visit them at :-

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