Winter 2016/17–New boiler / old problem

Its not over yet but I thought it would be interesting to talk about what’s happened this winter.

First of all we are delighted to announce that we have reached 100 positive reviews on the website, “Checkatrade”. We have been with checkatrade for about a year now and have been steadily making progress up the ranking by delivering first class service, thanks to all our customer, most of whom have left reviews.Image result for 10 out of 10

In terms of statistics to date we have 20 scores @ 9-9.75’s and 109 scores of 10/10!! out of 129 reviews in total.

In terms of our business helping customers we have been busy helping customer get their heating and hot water back working as well as sorting out a few gas fires.

Worcester advanced heating system

2016-12-17 12.12.38One of our most interesting jobs was the installation of a new boiler at a lady’s house in Tynemouth. On inspecting the existing boiler we found a large hole in the flue and therefore condemned the installation as “Immediately Dangerous”.

We quoted for a new boiler and gave the customer a range of boiler options and power outputs. Mrs A. then decided to go for a 40KW Worcester Greenstar CDi with a Wave controller.2016-12-20 11.44.16

This was installed and commissioned and the old boiler removed and recycled. The Wave controller was installed and we talked Mrs A. through the instruction manual and downloaded the app to her iPhone. Wave controller app





This then allowed the system to track her movements and create a personalised schedule via the Home Presence Detection function. The system was also set up to use Geo-Data from the internet to sense the outside temperature and then modify the heating load to optimise the efficiency of her boiler. Weather compensation has been a hot topic with us for many years with the first introduction (to us) by Viessmann in 2008, its great to see other manufacturers advancing this technology to reduce green house gases.

2016-12-20 11.44.28

Domestic duties

In addition to the heating system we also installed a new concrete plinth to prevent flood water damaging the washing machine, this was used as a mount for the tumble drier which was located on top of the washing machine and vented through a new roof vent also installed by us!2016-12-17 12.01.19







Boiler problems – Ideal Logic +

Many people have these boilers fitted but unfortunately, in our experience, the heat engine develops pin hole cavities inside the combustion chambers leading to a mysterious loss of system pressure and hence water without any evidence of leaks.

We have carried out a number of time lapse pressure tests on these boiler in order to test the tightness of the heat engine – see video –

2017-01-10 12.52.16The video test which can last up to an hour is compressed using time lapse photography (on my iPhone) and shows the steady loss of pressure from the boiler. This is further confirmed by the discharge in the condensate trap (photo opposite) which is emptied before the test takes place.

2017-01-12 09.13.08







Unfortunately when this test proves that there is a leaking heat engine the only real alternative is to replace it which is a technical and time consuming job. Virtually every part of the boiler has to be removed and then reassembled with the new heat engine in place. The gas systems then needs to be retested and the boiler refilled and recommissioned. 

If you have a Logic + combi or system boiler and you are having to re-pressurise the boiler every day then you probably have this problem, please call us.

Here’s to 2017!

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