BAXI training refresher

2016-11-14 11.20.56It was great to catch up with Baxi Trainer, Roy Fugler and a few other heating engineers to refresh ourselves on the current state of play in the energy / heating environment. Roy introduced a BAXI incentive scheme, covered the governments ErP (Energy related Products) legislation and how the calculations would be done in practice. He also gave a short presentation about Baxi’s new products and support initiatives.

Baxi products

It seems Baxi are retaining their Platinum and Duo-Tec range of combination boilers as well as hitching a ride on the back of the very successful “Megaflow” trade name normally associated with unvented hot water cylinders by launching a “Megaflow” system boiler – i.e. one that just heats the house and a hot water cylinder. The Platinum and Duo-Tec are great boilers offering excellent service/price balance, are easy to fix (by us) and are supported by an excellent telephone technical help line as well as up to 10 year warranty if you keep to the service schedule.2016-11-14 12.46.12

They have also launched the 100, 200 and 400 boilers which are more eco –savvy with a new coms protocol called OpenTherm ( This enables the intelligent use of internet based control programmes similar and including Nest which also allows external weather compensation to be factored in to the equation; giving the boiler an additional 2% increase in ErP efficiency.

Nest Pics 2NEST Pro

The training also included a session on the Nest internet controller, (Gen 3), which has elevated our status to “Pro” installer. We have already fitted a good few of these controller and can confirm they are an excellent product. It was brought to our attention that these are especially good for the older generation as the wall mounted control interface is so user friendly and the learning function does all of the programming for you. If you require a Nest or more information on how they can save you money then please feel free to give us a call.

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