Day–2 the final countdown

We are delighted to report that our efforts to publicise our Mesothelioma campaign have received regional coverage with a short article in the Newcastle Journal yesterday –

We have also received excellent support from the British Lung Foundation and the British Lung Foundation Wales both of whom are fighting the battle against mesothelioma. 

British lung walesBrit lung Fnd

Bring it back to the North East

In the above article we call for the award to be brought home to the North East which is traditionally an industrial area – of course we all know that, the North East made over 90% of all the world’s shipping fleets back in the day. However our region is now paying the price for that era when asbestos was used in many products and processes which has resulted in the North East having the UK’s highest reported occurrence of Mesothelioma.(1)

Meso in North East

If you haven’t already votes, please cast your vote, by following the link below, for me to bring the award back to the North East to help our people who are suffering from Mesothelioma.

Many thanks, Richard.


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