Boiler maintenance is the key to a good nights sleep

Fancy a hot shower in the morning or waking up to a warm house? Most of us take it for granted that the heating system will fire up every time we turn on the tap but a quick look at our last 20 call outs shows that many people are going to experience a boiler failure at some point if they haven’t taken care of their pride and joy.warm-house

A boiler is a living machine that takes in water from your heating system or cold water from the mains and transforms it into a warm house or hot water. In doing so that process involves heating which can cause sludge and scale to build up which when it reaches a critical level will block up your machine.

This can be prevented by simply having you boiler serviced every year and making sure your engineer follows the manufacturer’s procedure. In many cases this involves dismantling the main burners and condensate system to clean debris out of these narrow waterways and chambers.

cold bottom on radAnother great way to look after your system is to have a magnetic filter system fitted. We have been called out to look at two systems this week where the top of the radiators were hot but the middles and bottoms stone cold. This is because the system has been allowed to rust from within and the rust has now settled at the bottoms of the radiators and prevented the hot water getting to that part. This now calls for a power flush which can cost up to £600. magnaclean-filterThis can be prevented by fitting a magnetic filter such as a Magnaclean which collects the rust and prevents it clogging up your system.

If you do experience a breakdown this winter please feel free to call our 24hr help line on 07771 523397 and we can get you back on the road in no time!

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