Macoun become Low Carbon Consultants

Achieving low carbon emissionsWe are always striving to keep ahead of the current market requirements and in this case the need for companies to comply with the new CO2 legislation means that we have extended our expertise to become approved Low Carbon Consultants with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers.

In practice we are capable of advising organisations on their compliance with Part L of the building regulations for non-dwellings. In addition we are able to advise on the many Low / Zero Carbon Technologies such as PV, Solar heating, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Heat Pumps which we are also qualified to install.

Achieving Low Carbon emissions is not just about insulating your building. Scientific research has shown that doubling the amount of insulation in an already well insulated building does not make the same step change in energy efficiency. Now element such as solar gain are receiving much more focus as this an area where proper solar shading can reduce the load on a building’s air conditioning systems which reduces the CO2 produced.

nissan-leaf-electric-car-wind-turbine-540x334[1]For high producers of CO2, such as heat intensive industries, they need to offset their carbon production with Zero Carbon Technologies such as wind turbines and solar collectors, as Nissan have been doing since 2005.

With the government set to increase the demands on energy efficiency (Part L) in non-dwellings by 25-30% next year, many companies such as Lafarge Tarmac and Balfour Beatty are investing in in-house energy teams to achieve their corporate responsibilities. The international standard, ISO 50001, has been designed to allow companies to follow a structured path to managing their carbon production. This “Energy Management System” (EMS) starts with a business strategy for carbon management followed by plans, targets and feedback loops to stimulate continuous improvement.

What is your Carbon strategy? If you need help in determining it please feel free to get in touch.

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