Boiler servicing – act now to save money

Now is a great time to have your boiler serviced because not only will it give you the peace of mind that it won’t break down but as it is running more often than in the summer you can check that it is running as efficiently as possible thereby keeping your gas consumption as low as possible at this cold time of year.

To see what’s involved in a boiler service take a look at our time lapse video of one of our engineers carrying out a service on a boiler this week.

Boiler servicing is needed to maintain your warranty which on some boilers is up to 10 years. large-large-tf1-new-2The manufacturers specify an exact procedure that needs to be completed in order to check all of the components. In the above video the engineer has removed the boiler’s main combustion burners and checked these for wear as well as checking the wiring, plumbing fittings, condensate drain and error log of the boiler.

If a new boiler has been fitted it is highly recommended, but not yet part of Building Regulations, to fit a magnetic filter such as a Fernox TF1. This is positioned in the return flow pipework so as to TF1 debrispick up all of the loose rust that has come of the internal surfaces of your radiators and prevents it getting into the boiler’s heat exchangers where the pipework is very narrow and where blockages can occur which would lower the efficiency of the boiler. They cost approx. £ 120 + vat to fit.

In the service we carried out above, the engineer found an egg cup size amount of black grit, after 1 year.

If you would like us to service your boiler please feel free to complete the basic form below:-

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