Once again Velfac proves to be the most costs effective window

We were delighted to be asked by Mr and Mrs Whittle if we could fit their Velfac windows. Ian is a chartered architect and so knows a fair bit about the various windows on the market. If you have read our posts before you will know that we are strong believers in investing in quality products in order to give you years of excellent service. Velfac window are guarantee for 12 years which is by no means the end of their design life.

2013-11-27 15.56.37

The job was relatively simple though not one for the faint hearted as the window weighed in at almost 150kgs. After taking accurate measurements, checking for squareness and access the windows were delivered some 13 weeks after the deposit was paid and installation took place on that day.

Ian quoted, “Having specified Velfac 200 windows on a few commercial projects (probably over a thousand windows in total over the last few years) I was well aware of the quality of the product and its advantages over either UPVC, timber or aluminium in terms of longevity, flexibility and performance.

The installation is really simple and flexible, so the windows suit new build and refurbishment alike. Having priced up aluminium window replacement through traditional ‘double glazing salesmen’ we found that the Velfac windows and Macoun’s installation were competitive on the initial cost, as well as the windows being far more durable and more robust in operation, hopefully making them cheaper in the long term too.

2013-11-27 15.55.59

Richard and his team were great. They have a lot of experience working with the product and so were very helpful in planning the work. They completed the removal of the old doors and installation of the enormous 2.7m x 1.5m window in a single day. We’re really happy with the result and with the prospect of virtually zero maintenance and no draughts!”

We are delighted Ian is happy with his windows!

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