Carbon Monoxide can kill – read on

CO awareness 2

(These are the 6 signs of CO poisoning)

With the increased popularity of log burning stoves and open fires we all need to be aware of the danger these appliances can produce.

Burning logs or coal or any other carbon based matter (that’s virtually everything) creates carbon dioxide and water vapour. However when there is not enough oxygen to make the chemical process (burning) work, Carbon Monoxide is produced.

There can be a reduction in oxygen for 2 reasons; 1. the stove is not getting enough fresh air because of poor ventilation or 2. the products of combustion are not being drawn up the flue or chimney because the flue is blocked or there is a back draft or they are too heavy i.e. they are cold and therefore falling back into the stove.

With Carbon Monoxide awareness week commencing 18th November, organised by Carbon Monoxide Awareness we must take heed of their advice which can be found at:-

Gas Safe Charity CO Victim CO “Be Alarmed” CO Gas Safety

If you have a log burning stove or open fire we advise 2 things –

1. You must fit a CO detector into the room you have the fire

2. You must never allow anyone to sleep in the room where there is an open fire.

Please also be aware that the fitting of a log burning stove is not a DIY job. It requires detailed knowledge of how flue gasses move and what temperature that need to be at to make the flue safe. Call us or a HEATAS certified engineer to have your stove fitted safely and professionally.

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