Macoun pioneers advanced heating controls

Basic heating controls which allow home owners to manually switch the heating on and off have been available for a long time now. But as the cost of heating our homes increases every day the need to have better control of the heating is vital. For example, by controlling exactly when the heating comes on, at what temperature in which zone of the house and during which period of the day allows us to deliver significant savings to customers while ensuring their comfort.

The key here is the word comfort; many of us will have experienced waking up on a frosty morning and having to go down stairs to light or switch on the boiler. Leaving the heating on all night is now not an option with the cost of gas and oil.
However we at Macoun have been testing a number of scenarios with advanced heating controls and are able to show how reducing the temperature of the house during the night and at times when you are at work makes real savings.
imageThe graph opposite clearly shows the difference between leaving the heating on all night KW(2) and turning it down to a low temperature KW(1) until 5am when it reheats the house. This operation alone has demonstrated savings of around 20.2% in gas usage. The same process has been shown to offer the same saving while the home owners are out at work.
iPhone screen
The system is programmed to come back on shortly before the user returns from work. Where this is unpredictable, there are systems that use the house’s Wi-Fi to communicate to an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or desktop/laptop computer so that remote access can be achieved.
Macoun extends boiler controls to AGA / RAYBURN cookers

The principle of managing the home heating as and when it’s needed can be fully extended to cover cast iron flued range cookers such as AGAs and Rayburns. In the same way as the house’s heating is not required during the night and while the occupants are out at work, so range cookers are not needed at these times. Macoun has developed electronic controls to manage the range cookers at these times making significant savings in the amount of gas used in the home. The slow warm up and cool down periods associated with cast iron cookers are built into the control software so that the cookers are optimised to be always ready to cook but saving energy when not needed. AGA maintenance

Once again, if required, remote control can be installed to manage the cooker if the customer decides, for instance, to have dinner with a work colleague and not cook at home that night.

The same principle can be applied for holiday or long weekends, this all adds to the savings.

Getting the finances right

The cost of supplying and installing these controls comes under the Government’s tax reduction scheme where VAT is chargeable at 5% and the savings that have been delivered during our field trials have shown a payback of less than 2 years.
For more information please contact Macoun Eco on

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