Macoun construct a room with a view

When a prospective client asked us to consider quoting to fit some new floor to roof high performance windows in his lounge we were excited at the challenge of getting to grips with and overcoming the engineering complexities.


The picture above shows the existing rear elevation of the detached property in Eshott, Northumberland. The client has already selected the manufacturer of windows and doors. His next decision was to be who was going to fit them. Macoun had come recommended by two former clients and so we began discussions about how we could work together to install the windows.

Removal of inner leafOnce we came to an agreement as to how we would do the work we began the demolition and removal of the existing gable end of the wall. A structural engineer was used as a reference point to ensure the building stayed stable during the operation.

With the space free to allow the windows to be brought to site, they were the place in the openings and a steel frame constructed around them. IMG00002-20110713-1406

Then detailed measurements were taken and the steel template was taken away to be galvanised. A few days later the steel frame was returned to site and erected in the same position. The whole elevation was set up with plumb lines and levels in order to make the whole structure true and parallel with the existing building.

Finally the steel frame was bolted together and the artstone placed around the perimeter. The random stone and inner blockwork was rebuilt and the windows and doors fine tuned.


We were all delighted with the end result which took time to construct and posed many engineering challenges, but we triumphed in the end. Our clients were delighted with the work.

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